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  • We only use the best materials

  • Roofing- Residential and Commercial

  • Siding

  • In-home sample showing

  • Pre-instillation inspections

  • Home delivery

  • Year-round installations

  • Commercial Snow Removal

  • 10, 15 & 30 Yard Dumpster Service

  • Free Estimates

  • Gorgeous architectural options available

  • Discreet business options available

  • Attractive economy options available



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  • Our roofing earns the highest ratings

  • Exceeding industry standards in installations

  • Full guarantee from start to finish

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Since 1963 the Nicholson family has taken pride in providing our customers with high quality products, unsurpassed workmanship, and professional service. 
we enjoy confidence in our work. 
referrals from satisfied customers are our best advertising.

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